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Our mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met.‘ (Marguerite Duras)

Kirsty’s mother is inappropriate, embarrassing and definitely unusual. For 25 years Kirsty accepted crazy as conventional. All mothers are slightly insane, right? But Kirsty’s mother isn’t like all mothers… If you’re raised in madness who tells you what’s normal? Based on a true story, this solo show is a frank, funny and deeply touching tale of Kirsty McKenzie and her schizophrenic mother. Join Kirsty as she attempts to distinguish her mother from the madness, the one subject no one wants to mention.


Fiona Geddes – Writer & Performer

Jessica Beck – Director & Dramaturg

Katharina Rienthaller – Assistant Director & Stage Manager

Cherry Truluck – Designer

Phil Hewitt – Lighting & Sound

Patrick Collier – Associate Producer


Dr Iain McGilchrist, Professor Sabine Bahn, Sally Austen, Susan Crocker, Jonny Benjamin, Elliott Tiney, Brian Astbury.

Normal/Madness would not have been possible without your help, thank you!